Charitable organizations

Des Collines Health Foundation

Des Collines Health Foundation is a non-profit organization and a registered charity governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Foundation's main objective is to assist our local health professionals in offering the highest level of patient care possible.

Griffin Mason

Born and raised in Wakefield, Quebec, Griffin Mason, Snowboard Cross Athlete in the Elite category of the Quebec Provincial team and train with Club Prestige Snowboard at Mont Ste Marie.

Carleton Place Junior B Canadians

Born and raised in Wakefield, Quebec, Zachery Schippers plays with the Carleton Place Junior B Canadians hockey team.

Paugan Falls Rapids

The Paugan Falls Rapids are a senior hockey team playing in the EOSHL out of the Gatineau Valley Arena in Low, Quebec. They are registered as a non-profit organization and are run by the Board of Directors. They hope their franchise will be a catalyst for positive change in the arena and the community.